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Call to Arms: Trainer +8 v0.940.0 {CheatHappens.com}
26.07.2017, 10:10

Using this Trainer:

Launch the trainer first, then launch the Game and then Press F1 at the Main Menu.

Listen for "Activated".

Press desired option key

Options in Promo:

Numpad 1: Unlimited Fuel


Numpad 1: Unlimited Fuel

Numpad 2: Infantry Damage

Numpad 3: Unlimited Ammo

Numpad 4: Max Score

Numpad 5: Max Level

Numpad 6: Unlimited CP Points

Numpad 7: Max MP Points

Numpad 8: Unlimited Stamina

Numpad 9: Carnage Mode


Numpad 1: Unlimited Fuel - toggle on for unlimited vehicle fuel.

Numpad 2: Infantry Damage - toggle on to turn off ALL infantry damage in the game. THIS INCLUDES THE AI AND ENEMY. Use this to position massive forces and then turn it back off to unleash the carnage.

Numpad 3: Unlimited Ammo - toggle on and most weapons will have unlimited ammo.

Numpad 4: Max Score - press this key and you instantly have 100+ points. This likely will instantly win the game for you. Also, note that if you used Max Level option, then this can win the game instantly and lock in your level.

Numpad 5: Max Level - press this key to set your level in the game. This level will NOT work for the current game, but when the current game ends, you will have that level for the next game you play. You can use the Max Score option to quickly end the game if you like.

Numpad 6: Unlimited CP Points - press this key and you can build an unlimited amount of units even if your CP points go past the max amount.

Numpad 7: Max MP Points - press this key to max out and fill the MP points so you can quickly create troops.

Numpad 8: Unlimited Stamina - toggle this on to allow unlimited running of troops.

Numpad 9: Carnage Mode - probably best to make sure unlimited ammo is active. In this mode, many weapons and vehicles fire without reloading, causing massive amount of projectiles and damage. This works for both friendly and AI so use wisely! You can deplete the entire ammo of a tank in seconds, so make sure that you have Unlimited Ammo on.



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